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The Real Florida

ORANGE CITY, Florida—The pontoon boat meandered down a back channel of the St. Johns River through Blue Springs State Park, 54 kilometres north of Orlando. Alligators on the shore basked in the cool morning sun.

Sticky Fingers

Covering assignments in third world countries often added extra planning or strange twists.  Having your pocket picked while shoot a Prime Minister and President might be one of the wackier ones.

Covering the Royals

The Queen's aid-de-camp reached out and pushed me back as I came perilously close to falling into her.  "I'm sorry." I said as I regained my footing.  "No you're not!" he replied, in his best aristocratic British accent.

"He's the one!"

By clicking the headline, you can read the story behind a picture I made of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the day before she lost the confidence of her caucus.

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