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Image Notes

> An image, if well made, needs few words to tell the story. However, for many images there is a story behind the making of the image worth telling. A story that may add useful background or give you a chuckle.

> Images Notes is a feature added to the latest version of the Stockbox Photo software that powers my site. It gives me my own blog that I can administer from my Blackberry Playbook. I will take full advantage of the new feature to share the back stories, funny moments or personal comments that give the making of favorite pictures more context.

>The blog also offers a perfect opportunity to share travel pictures and stories. Starting in mid-February on a trip south, I will share interesting pictures and stories as they happen. If you want to follow Image Notes you can easily add an RSS link to your news reader by clicking on Image Notes and then on the RSS icon on the top right of that page.

>I hope you enjoy Image Notes. Please email me your comments or questions.

G7 Welcoming in Toronto

Mila Mulroney (left)  gets a kiss from  U.S. President Ronald Reagan as his wife Nancy gets a kiss from Prime Minister Brian Mulroney (right) at the official welcoming ceremony for the economic summit in Toronto  June 19, 1988. 

Ron Poling/The Canadian Press

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The Real Florida

ORANGE CITY, Florida—The pontoon boat meandered down a back channel of the St. Johns River through Blue Springs State Park, 54 kilometres north of Orlando. Alligators on the shore basked in the cool morning sun.